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Slowing Down

by Barbara Kapetanakes, PsyD. on 11/24/14

I realized I hadn't written in a couple of weeks, but I didn't realize it had been a whole MONTH.  Part of that time I was on vacation, literally, in paradise in the middle of nowhere, but mostly, outside of that, it's just been hectic.  Taking time off usually means having a lot to do beforehand, and catching up when you return.  Having it be Thanksgiving week right away doesn't help either.

On vacation I read 3 books and took hundreds of pictures.  I ate great food, soaked in the local atmosphere, and had time to relax.  For the past week it's been back to the grind---and then some!  With Thanksgiving just a few days away, things are hectic, but it's important to take time to--it sounds corny, but---give thanks for what we have.  Behind me on line at the supermarket yesterday was a man buying at least a dozen turkeys, we joked a bit about the size of his oven, but it was obvious to me, and he confirmed it, that he was involved in some charitable event that was donating Thanksgiving dinners.  As I was swiping my credit card for a couple hundred dollars there are so many people, right in our backyard, right in this very rich county, who can't buy a $30 turkey. 

I am healthy enough to have enjoyed my sometimes active/sometimes lazy vacation, and to work like crazy when I got home in order to catch up, and still go hiking in the park, go to the gym, for a run, etc, while others are not so lucky.  Right now people are getting treated for serious illness, waiting on test results, or otherwise not so carefree as to be concerned about getting in an hour hike before breakfast. 

It's so easy to be pulled into the vortex of the rat race on steroids.  Time to slow down.  I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and a good, long, slow weekend.

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