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Goin' to California.......

by Barbara Kapetanakes, PsyD. on 10/15/14

In a couple of hours I'll be leaving to attend the Academy of Professional Family Mediators conference in San Diego.  I'm getting excited to learn more about this new part of my practice.  I'll be going to workshops and discussions and meeting new people, while reconnecting with the group who trained me.

Mediation can be so helpful to so many families, and so much less expensive and traumatic than typical litigation.  Family mediators can work on divorce decrees, parenting plans, prenuptual agreements, elder care and wills--typically a lot of things that lawyers can do, but less adversarial and expensive.  Of course, the family involved has to be willing to sit down and cooperate, and some are not.  That's when it becomes inevitable that there will be courtroom drama, and I don't mean "Boston Legal."

Looking forward to a few days of learning!

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