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Change is Good

by Barbara Kapetanakes, PsyD. on 08/25/14

I have had my practice for over 15 years now; more than 10 of those years I've been in full-time practice as opposed to working as a school psychologist by day and seeing patients in my office at night.  It's easy to get into a routine in any career, and for some professions and jobs, a routine is fine.  But when navigating human behavior, emotions, and relationships as well as societal changes, medical laws and guidelines, educational regulations and the like, a routine can become the death of a career. 

I'd like to think I've taken on new challenges enough in my practice to both provide people with what they need and also to keep myself interested, engaged, and invested in the work I do.  From studying neuropsychology and psychopharmacology to keeping up with the world at large, I try to stay on top of things without getting caught up in fads and trends that will be gone in no time.  My newest challenge is divorce mediation--something I've done somewhat informally for my entire career.  How many times have I asked someone in my office, "Are you really going to bring your spouse to court over a set of drapes? (or dining room set, used car, lawn mower, or other item not worth an hour of an attorney's time)?"  How many parenting plans and visitations schedules have I helped develop?  How many divorce lawyers have I collaborated with, me holding their client's hand and dealing with the storm of emotions while they work on the nuts and bolts of the divorce process?  The answer is MANY.

I'm excited as I take on this challenge in a more formal way, writing up agreements, going over financials, and being part of the entire mediation process rather than just an auxiliary.  We must never stagnate, so onwards and upwards. 

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