Barbara Kapetanakes, PsyD
239 North Broadway
Sleepy Hollow, NY

Ending a marriage is a very difficult and personal decision.  Going through the process of divorcing, dealing with child custody, splitting assets, etc can also be very expensive.  Divorce mediation is one way of handling this life transition in a way that is less expensive and often less traumatic.  Rather than each retaining an attorney in a setup that can be adversarial and expensive, the divorcing couple meets together with a mediator.  The couple then can sort through their issues with a neutral third party and come to agreeable terms.  The role of the mediator is to help each party hear and understand the needs of the other, come to a fair agreement, and finally draw up that agreement in a way that makes the decisions clear and can be adapted and filed with the Courts.  The mediator asks questions, prompts discussions, and looks at budgets, parenting schedules, and assets in order to help the participants explore all options before making decisions.  

Dr. Kapetanakes has worked with families going through divorce for many years and uses her excellent negotiation skills to work with mediating couples.  She is available to work on equitable distribution, parenting plans, and to help ease the family through the transition. If necessary, legal and financial professionals are available for consultation.  

Many people find that mediation is a fraction of the cost of traditional litigation,and can be done in much less time.